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Sub.Mission 6 Year - VIVEK, Kaiju, Grimblee, Soloman, Trampa, Lotus Drops & More!

    Saturday, April 6, 2013
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    Special Engagement // Limited Tickets Available

    Join us as we celebrate 6 years of moving people thru sound not hype.
    This year we plan to focus on two key elements "sound" and "vibe".
    We wanted to spend an intimate evening with the heads, take things back to the foundation.

    We are beyond happy to announce the final Sub.mission 6 Year line up. We want you to know that with this event we plan to change your perception on what YOU may think is Dubstep and make you FEEL the truth, the sound, the vibe that influenced the creation of Sub.mission in the first place.

    This is a limited capacity warehouse located close to 44th and Brighton Blvd. We will begin at 10pm and close at 6am with a complimentary breakfast.

    We have also purchased you a gift for wanting to share this monumental occasion with us. There will be a bar.

    Line Up: 

    Todays electronic music scene revolves continuously on hype, and there are few artists and label camps that can rely almost entirely on their musical content to do their talking. Mala's 'Deep Medi' camp and V.I.V.E.K the artist are noted exceptions to this rule.

    Influenced by the golden years of Drum N Bass and a steady diet of dub and roots music, V.I.V.E.K has been honing his musical construction skills since 2004. Progressing naturally from DJing to production, and originally beginning to build music around the 170 tempo, 140 bpm was the pitch that worked for V.I.V.E.K to shape his unique subterranean groove.

    As a Deep Medi artist, V.I.V.E.K himself has become a regular DJ on the DMZ / Deep Medi nights, recently playing sets that have become highlights for many at the DMZ 6th birthday celebrations in London and Amsterdam. Chest rattling, consciousness moving exclusives are the norm here, and catching one of these performances is a potent reminder of why we all fell in love so deeply with the dubstep sound.

    KAIJU - 1st USA Play- Exclusive

    No one is building made-for-system music quite like Kaiju; arguably two of the finest producers in the 140bpm space. Supporting a much-lauded (and sold out) debut release on Kryptic Minds' imprint, Osiris Music, Kaiju have played out across Europe and have many more physical releases in the pipeline.
    With audio support from the likes of Youngsta, Biome, Distance, Truth, Vivek, Thelem, N-Type and many more; it's safe to say Kaiju are carving themselves a spot in the dubstep history books.
    Kaiju was voted the Best New Producer in Dubstep for 2013.



    LOTUS DROPS - 1st Official Sub.mission resident Set!!!

    "Whether or not you're infatuated with dubstep as a medium, it's hard to dispute the creativity of Lotus Drops, a DJ who treats each mix as though it were a genuine sound installation, rather than wallpaper for a dance club. Most of Lotus' mixes have a devisable narrative arc - beginning, say, with a low thrum of strings that leads to a glitchy snare-and-kick beat, which gets more and more complicated. Sound effects accrue until they eventually blur out the drum pattern. Altogether, Lotus seems more concerned with texture than groove. But that's part of her appeal." 
    -Racheal Swan (Music Editor from the East Bay Express)

    GRIMBLEE- 1st Official Sub.mission resident Set!!!

    Gilbert Splett was born In Los Angeles, California then was moved around from Wisconsin to New Mexico and some how in the mix ended up in Utah where he learned how to violate mormon women, Drink low point shitty Beer, Fuck his brain up with all sorts of shit you dont need, Drop out of high school, and make LOUD BASS MUSIC FOR PEOPLE WHO RAGE! if your more interested in Grimblee (aka yo Sex Machine) then hit him up!

    Sub.mission Residents


    With LIVE ARTWORK by:

    Skaadi (Live UV Air Brush Painting)

    Beery (Live UV Chalk Art)



    Sub.mission joins forces with Basscouch -Featuring handcrafted labhorn subwoofers paired with specialty full range speakers, Basscouch delivers serious depth and powerful bass. World-class horn-loaded technologies and passionate audio expertise powers Basscouch to pump out more physical bass at higher output levels than any other soundsystem.

    Please purchase your tickets early as we do not anticipate their being tickets sold at the door.

    Ticket comes with FREE breakfast at 6am and a gift from the 
    Sub.mission Fam!

    18+ ONLY

    Bar will be open until 2am.

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