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Sub.Mission Presents Elevated Wednesdays w/Coult45 & Turbulent - C.Springs

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013
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    Sub.Mission Presents Elevated Wednesdays --March

    Calling all DJs/Producers- Wednesdays are all about you!!!
    The amount of amazing talent in Colorado needs a showcase and Rawkus Nation Stage is going to be just that.

    FREE before 10pm // $5 after 10pm (21+) -- $10 UNDER

    ***The 9pm-11pm Battle showcases up and coming talent.***

    Sign Up -

    How It Works:
    Battle contestants will play 30 minute slots from 9-11. whoever wins moves on to the winner's battle The first Tuesday of the next month.

    How Do You Win:
    Upon entry, patrons will receive tickets for voting. All you need to do is slay the crowd, bring the people and have them place their ticket in your box. Boxes are located on the stage.

    Winners will also be judged on their ability to mix and hype the crowd. This is a music event and the expectation is to put on a live show.

    Each week we have a panel of guest judges to help with the winner selection.

    The winners of the battles will play the Winner's showcase on the first Tuesday of the following month. The winner of that will play a Sub.mission show.


    ***MARCH 20***


    9-9.5                Moocah King 

    9.5-10              XAX

    10-10.5            Doct3r

    10.5-11            Maestro Paul 3ric

    >>11-12.5       COULT45 

    >>12.5-close   Turbulent  

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