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    Amye Koziel


    Tuesday night will forever remain among the Denver dubstep scene’s favorite nights of the week for a reason. And that reason of course, is Electronic Tuesdays! This week’s edition was especially stacked, featuring performances from a diverse set of DJs representing multiple labels and crews including LowR Levls, Artikal, Innamind Recordings, and Savage Society! I was sure to arrive from the beginning to witness the entire night, and I can confirm that every DJ cultivated an atmosphere of pure energy and vibes. The performances represented nearly the whole spectrum of dubstep, with a heady serving of grime and DnB as well!





                The month is coming to a close, but don’t fret because Sub.mission has a few big shows planned to end it proper!  Get ready for a week filled with bass and break out your dancing shoes because this week is going to be bonkers!

                Tuesday we welcome back a good friend of ours who is no stranger to the Electronic Tuesdays stage, Thelem!  Last time he was here was on the Artikal Music Tour, but this time we are giving the main stage to him alone and we can’t wait for him to show us why he is one of the scenes best and prove to us that he has truly made his mark on the genera we all love, dubstep!

    Amye Koziel

    Amye Koziel

    Amye Koziel


    Crowell’s reputation for going hard is well earned. The release of the Bust A Gat EP with Cubs and Bommer was as explosive as the EP itself, proving the potential of passionate music. You might say dubstep is Crowell’s default mode. This installment of Freebie Friday showcases the artist’s signature style of aggressive party music. “Default” is a brand new tune made specifically to pop off your weekend with a proper wonk. Grab the download below exclusively from Sub.mission.


    If you’re longing for a dose of deep, dark bass music, you’ll find what you are looking for this week at Electronic Tuesdays. Tuesday the 24th marks Thelem’s fourth trip back to Cervantes Otherside where he will be showcasing his forthcoming album, sporting an epic beard, and ultimately making your booty shake. You may recall Thelem from his set at the infamous Artikal Takeover this past November. Now, no longer aside his Artikal brethren, the spotlight belongs to him as he shows us what this new Thelem sound is all about.


      On Friday March 6th, Sub.mission had its first installment of their Agency showcase @ The Walnut room. The artists on the bill included WULF, Cubs b2b Crowell & Grimblee and they definitely did not disappoint. I want to start off by saying that I had only been to the Walnut Room a couple times before, mainly for lunch when I was in the area. I didn’t know that there was a stage, sound system & lights behind the door off to the right of the bar and I definitely didn’t know that there was music here on a regular basis. Needless to say is was in for a surprise.

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