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       Out now on Encrypted Audio is the debut EP from Colorado badman, Damnesia-Vu.  I met this guy a few years back and have been following his rise in our local scene, and as of lately the world.  With help from Fat Kid on Fire, Bunzero, Sub.mission, SubFM, and Encrypted Audio he has made his way into homes all over the U.S. and beyond.

                The EP begins with a belter of a tune, with a title of “Pistol Grip”.  It immediately sets the tone for the entire EP and grabs your attention to indulge more into the rest of the tracks.

                Up Next is a track by the name of “Broken Chime”, a melodic bass line roller with some serious frequency, turn up your sub and meditate on this one.



                This week we beginning the month of March and we have jam-packed this one with shows.  This week we have a couple of great events that re sure to start March with a serious bang!

    Amye Koziel

    Ready to get deep, dark, and dangerous? This week’s free tune from WULF is for all you perpetually pale, night crawling, black wearing bass zombies. Reminiscent of some kind of sacrificial ritual, “Fury Dub” is a shiver-inducing basement style banger. Grab your free download from Sub.mission (and grab your headphones, too – don’t even think about playing this one off computer speakers).


                The crew over at the Dub Police headquarters recently hit me up with some fresh new beats from newcomer Notixx and asked me to check it out and give out my thoughts.

                Notixx is completely new to me but from the sounds of this EP I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from this Dub Police resident.  This three track EP entitled “Last Call” is exactly what you would expect from the rankings of the Dub Police, this heavy hitting, room smashing, EP is nothing shy of greatness and a perfect start for Notixx! 


    Longing to relive last month’s festivities at the Fusion Factory? Fortunate for us, February is the shortest month of the year, meaning less down time as we impatiently wait for the next Sub.Mission Fusion Factory gig. As I still try to wrap my mind around the chaos that ensued at the Innamind takeover last Tuesday, I find comfort knowing a BYOB all-night dubstep party is just around the corner. Less than a week until we ring in the month of March by getting lost in a dark room of heavy bass and good homies.





    Welcome to another great week in bass Colorado, this is another great one about to happen.  This week we only have one show on the books but it is a major event!  Get ready to welcome some heavy hitters to the E-Tuesday stage!

                This week the crew at Innamind is going to grace us with two of the best that are both at the top of their games at the moment and ready to show Denver what is up!  Get ready as we welcome back Quest and for the first time in Denver, Las! 

    Amye Koziel


      Thanks to Sub.mission I was lucky enough to be asked to do a little interview with the one and only Nomine.  Here is a look into a small part of his life and journey in music. 


    1. From what I know, you have been DJing since the early 90’s if not before and that you even had radio shows, what style were you playing in those days?


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