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                The month is coming to a close this week, but don’t worry we have a few great shows planned for you to end the month with a bang and have a perfect Halloween weekend!  Get ready and prepare yourselves for another amazing week in Colorado.


    Today there are two freebies given out.  One is a mini mix featuring sounds from Citrus and the other is a free track from Kwiz.  Both of these djs are killing the dubstep game.  Citrus has been getting playouts from some of the top djs in riddim, such as Bukez Finezt, Infekt, Dubloadz, etc.  Make sure to check out the mix Citrus did on Chilled Audio.  Hopefully more to come from this dude!

    The second upload out today is from another underground producer named Kwiz.  Kwiz started following me last year on Soundcloud.  I had no idea who the guy was until he started following me.  His tracks are wonky, riddim style, however he also makes real smooth deep tracks.  The track featured today is a deep vibey track that everyone will dig.  Hope to see more feedback on these uploads, so check them out!




    The week begins again and we hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and survived the Zombie Madness that went down and we can’t wait until next year. Join us this week for a few great shows to get you though the week.


    Today is the start of something new.  Chilled Audio is finally live!  It took awhile for this to start, but it is the beginning of something new.  Chilled Audio hopes to bring the freshest in dubstep, and music alike.  To start things off, there is a free track on the SoundCloud today.  Download link is enabled.  The artist: Kokaine Dubz. 

    I found out about this guy just wandering thru SoundCloud.  It was lucky that I found his work.  This guy is brand new and pushing the sounds of dubstep already.  His tunes are massive.  Make sure to pick up the free download as it wont be up forever.  I hope that you all enjoy what Chilled Audio has to offer.




           This past Tuesday, the one known as Biome returned to Denver for a highly anticipated outing at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Pushing a sound he pioneered, his set consisted of many face-wrinklers with sub lines that captivate the body and soul. Still leaving time for a selection of techno-inspired beats along with nostalgic oldies, it is safe to say Biome will be back.




    This week we are excited to let you know about a handful of shows that are sure to fulfill all of your bass needs for the week.  With three big shows we are sure that there is something for everyone, even the undead!



       The crew over at Artikal Music hit me up to get my thoughts on the new compilation featuring artists from the Artikal family, of course I jumped at the opportunity as I have been a follower of J:Kenzo for many years and was super excited to see this label come together and grow to the force it is today on our scene. 


    With just one week to wait until Biome’s return to Denver, the anticipation incites strong emotions and fond memories of the Macabre Unit take over at Beta last year. October 11, 2013 marked the inaugural Denver showing of Biome, the prolific bass music producer hailing from Manchester, UK. Biome was the first dubstep I heard (and appreciated) that got me into the deeper side of the genre. Upon being introduced to his sounds, I immediately fell in love; never before had I heard dubstep so dark, so visceral, and so well produced.


                This week we start October off with a bang!  We have a couple of great shows coming up and we are thrilled to let you know about all that is bass in Colorado.  Join us and get ready for a huge week in bass!

    Cally Sumpter

    There mine eyes do gleem all these streaming lights

    Dancing excited crowd moving grooving along bass sound

    Observing as lives play out all through these waving masses

    Be here in the now may not be enough for some

    Although others may have one last night, to linger

    Before morning beckons and they're reality opens sleepy dreams


    As we all are amongst one another, single, couple, group of friends friend or foe

    For this moment together a movement could be forgotten or down in history

    That lonely girl catches that shy guys glance, smiling she flickers her hair

    That new love twinkle winks, slow motion stepping towards her hand reaching for hers

    A bit later, they dance together, he reaches in,  his touch slight, laughing she twirls

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