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                The M.U.D. family recently reached out to Sub.mission and asked me to do a bit of a review for the new forthcoming EP from Feonix entitled “The Cube”, of course I jumped at the opportunity as Feonix has quickly made it into my radar after discovering him a while back. He is definitely one to watch out for if you are unfamiliar and this EP speaks for it self, as I will explain.




    Yet again we start another week here in Denver.  Last week was a blast and we had some great feedback from the events, especially our Elk Beats 001 release party at Fusion Factory, late night vibes that was something very special.


    Another week in the books and another one to start looking forward too., this week we have a few shows that are sure to prove that dubstep is not dead, and that in Denver it is alive and well!


                The gang over at MindStep Records just set me up for another review of yet another fantastic EP from none other than Sepia!  After the last big release from Vaun, I was stoked to check the vibe on this one from a producer that I am definitely a fan of and got sucked into his tunes a while back from the Hedmuck gang and was instantly hooked on the man that is behind some of the freshest takes on dubstep these days.

                A five track EP that starts with a melodic tune called “Never.Hurt.You” a perfect intro to some amazing production from Sepia.  Smooth vocals laid out over a chill, down tempo roller, that takes you out of your mindset and prepares you to see into the works that only he can create. 


                Another week starts in Denver and we want to thank all those who made it out to Bass Invasion over the weekend!  This was a great event and so many memories were made with a lot of amazing people and friends.  We hope that all of you enjoyed yourselves and that you are ready for the week ahead.



                I was recently sent a new EP from the badman Cotti and was asked to do a review on this new collection from Space Muzik of some amazing tunes brought to you by a slew of amazing artists that luckily thanks to Sub.mission we have been lucky enough to have them grace our stages over the years. 

                With all the amazing artists on the list I’m sure it was hard to call this anything else but “The AllStars” EP!  Get ready for some dance floor bangers brought to you by Cotti, Pogman, Standard Procedure, Dubloadz, Orien, Seraph, Wevaman & Markzman, Bloodthinerz, Blankface and Spin Sir!  These tracks really take you on a journey over the broad stream of the genera we all love, known as dubstep. 


                This week we prepare for one of the biggest weeks of the year!  We have some amazing talent coming into the Mile High City as well as a party at 8,800ft in the glorious mountains that grace the back yard of the great state we call home.


    September is upon us and the month is going to be possibly one of the best months of the year for music in Denver, with a slew of huge Electronic Tuesdays, Fridays jam packed with exciting Bassic Fridays and the return of Bass Invasion but this time we are taking it to the mountains! This week is the perfect start to a month of amazing talent and only the best in bass music.

                Tuesday starts it off with a bass heavy rendition of Electronic Tuesdays.  Get ready and be prepared for Dubloadz, this bad man is signed to SMOG and is always pushing the boundaries of bass.  We are lucky enough to have him gracing us with a stop on his the Savage Wonk Tour and we can’t wait!  If that wasn’t enough we also have our residency debut of the newest member of Sub.mission, Swayd!


    This week August comes to a close and we have a couple of great shows to end it with a bang!  Get ready to party with two huge names in bass music at two of the best places in town!

                Tuesday join us over at Cervantes the Otherside for a deep night featuring the low-end sounds of Goth Trad!  Founder of Back to Chill, Deep Medi resident, and all around musical genius, Goth Trad has been breaking the barrios of bass music and always continues to move the sound to strange ne places.  If you remember the 7 Year then you know what kind of performance Goth Trad can produce so make sure to come out and get down with this bad man from Japan, get there early and vote for your favorite local in our opening battle as well!


      This blog started as a new experience for me, coming fresh ears to a new artist, by the name of Vaun.  His new EP Sidelines, out soon on Mind Step Music, was sent to me to check out for a review and look into my own thoughts about the release.  First off is the track “Circles” and it immediately set the tone.

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