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       As we start another week in Denver we want to give thanks to all the fans that show us their support and love, that being said, we have a bunch of great shows this week, and we are sure there is something for everyone!

                Tuesday we are back at Cervantes Otherside for another installment of Electronic Tuesdays!  This week we continue the Sonic Bloom Showdown, this week Denver’s best DJs compete for their chance to play a spot at Sonic Bloom 2014!  Come out and show your love for Denver’s best up and coming DJs, vote for the best and help them get to the Bloom! Headlining this night will be Florida’s own Midnight Tyrannosaurus so come out and see what Florida has to offer the dubstep world.


    Local dubstep dinosaur Trisicloplox comes at us with an absolutely insane new Sub.mission freebie titled "Salamander". Trisicloplox has been making music for about three years now, under a slew of different names (he first heard the word "Trisicloplox" in Jurassic Park with Kirby's mispronunciation of Triceratops, it was then that he knew what his ultimate moniker would be) although he really began to gain momentum in 2013 with his first release on Facesplit's "Mantis EP" under Acid Rain Records. Over the years I've seen Trisicloplox transform from the tall, goofy kid who wanted to make robostep, into the tall, goofy kid with a masterful knowledge of his matured sound. 



    Seven ft. Joe Raygun - Live From The Future (VIP)


                Over the weekend we celebrated our seventh year in Colorado and it was something special to say the least!  The Deep Medi Crew gave Denver a night that no one will ever forget.  Thank you to all whom where in attendance and let’s get ready for another amazing year.

                Tuesday we start off our week with the beginning of the Sonic Bloom Battles.  These battles will pit groups of DJs against each other for a chance to play at this years Sonic Bloom 2014!  Join us and help us send the best of what Denver has to offer to the Bloom!


    Local publication 303 Magazine sums up the highlights of this Saturday night's debauchery at the Sub.mission 7 Year Anniversary party. If you're not up-to-date on what's going down, then be sure to give this article a read. For those unfamliar with 303, now's as good a time as any to check it out--they've been writing about the best Colorado's culture has to offer for ten years now.  


    Hey everyone!

    Time once again for another show review from CurlyOnE.
    The show in question:  SUKH KNIGHT and SQUAREWAVE!

    First let's talk about the Electronic Tuesday battle...
    A match up between Dankfischt, Verduzco, Sha^_man and Lockbox.

    An epic battle to behold, with all different styles represented... everything from Deep Dubstep to Trap, from Footwork to Hard Techno.
    It was a tough decision to make, but in the end,  the one like Sha^_man pulled off the win with a mix of deep dubs and some classic joints from back in the days.   

    On to the headliners.


                This week marks a huge moment in Sub.mission, we are turning 7!  We have packed in a bunch of shows so that we can all celebrate 7 years of “Sound not Hype”!  Join us as we make history in Colorado and the U.S.

                We start our week on Tuesday with our Birthday pre-party addition of Electronic Tuesdays.  This week is all about our fantastic Sub.mission residents.  They will be taking over the stage to show you why they are our residents, and with all of them throwing down on one stage together we are sure that everyone will be treated to a night filled with the best in dubstep!  Of course we will still be doing our locals battle so get out early and show your support.


    Thursday, May 29th at Club Vinyl, Sub.mission presents Sub.culture Thursdays with Hudson Mohawke. Rising to the big leagues with the acclaimed trap duo TNGHT (HudMo x Lunice) and establishing himself in the hiphop scene for his production on Kanye West's masterpiece Yeezus (Blood on the Leaves.) This show marks his first offical HudMo appearance in Denver, having previously played a TNGHT set. 


                We start another week in Denver and Sub.mission has 3 event planned that are sure to be a must do for your week ahead.  Get ready as we prepare to welcome some talent from all over the world!

                Tuesday we begin with a heavy Electronic Tuesday featuring the low end sounds of Sukh Knight!  Sukh Knight is an Asian grime, dubstep & Drum ‘n’ Bass producer from East London. After being introduced to grime music by Scratcha/DVA, he tried his hand at making grime music flavored with Asian influences. He’s a member of the MDK Cartel and is known for leaving crowds always wanting more! Of course there will still be our local battle to start the night off so get there early and vote for Denver’s best up and coming DJs.


    Today I'm going to be writing about something a little different, have you ever heard Great Dane? If you answered no, we're going to have to fix  that. Great Dane, from LA, has been making massive waves in the down-tempo beat scene for a couple of years now, recently releasing his monsterous LP "Beta Cat." One of the main men behind the weekly Team Supreme mixes, and co-founder of the crew, Great Dane is not to be slept on. 

    Today Great Dane dropped a new tune "Akira," sampling the famed Anime by Katsuhiro Otomo. The tune appears to be made especially for an upcoming project with rapper Nocando. Filled with Dane's signature pops, bloops and 808s, the Akira sample throughout really darkens the vibe from the usual GD sound, which is always a welcome feel. 

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