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    This week August comes to a close and we have a couple of great shows to end it with a bang!  Get ready to party with two huge names in bass music at two of the best places in town!

                Tuesday join us over at Cervantes the Otherside for a deep night featuring the low-end sounds of Goth Trad!  Founder of Back to Chill, Deep Medi resident, and all around musical genius, Goth Trad has been breaking the barrios of bass music and always continues to move the sound to strange ne places.  If you remember the 7 Year then you know what kind of performance Goth Trad can produce so make sure to come out and get down with this bad man from Japan, get there early and vote for your favorite local in our opening battle as well!


      This blog started as a new experience for me, coming fresh ears to a new artist, by the name of Vaun.  His new EP Sidelines, out soon on Mind Step Music, was sent to me to check out for a review and look into my own thoughts about the release.  First off is the track “Circles” and it immediately set the tone.


    Hey Sub.mission fans we are back at it for another amazing week in bass with a couple of amazing shows in store.  Join us as we prepare for a week full of the best in bass music at the best venues around.


                We are back at it again with another huge week in bass, featuring a few huge names in the world of bass.  Join us as we welcome these great artists and get your fix of the best in bass music.

                Tuesday we are back at Cervantes Otherside for another huge Electronic Tuesdays.  This week not only features the July Winners Showcase but also we have the bass heavy sounds of none other than G. Jones!  This quick rising star is on his Fall Tour and we are thrilled to have him coming into the Mile High City for a stop on our E-Tuesday stage.  Also our own Sub.mission resident Shank Aaron will close the night so stick around all night long for some serious tunes!


                Another week is upon us and we have a couple of amazing shows to get you threw the long workweek.  Join us and prepare yourself for so fantastic talent from all over the globe.  We strive to bring you the best in bass music and this week is nothing short of that.


                We are back at it this week with a bunch of great shows, and this week we want you all to be there!  Come out and help us get down with the best in bass music.  The month is coming to a close and there is no better way to end it than with us!

                Tuesday is a massive E-Tuesday and featuring the sounds of Shiverz & Subfiltronik!  This will be a night filled with massive bass lines and insane drops!  If that wasn’t enough Colorados own Sektah will be there as well to rock out on our stage alongside all the battle contestants so get there early as this night will go off from start to finish!


    This weeks installment of E-Tuesday is set to be another wild one with Monster's Shiverz and Subfiltronik. Two of Monster's massive 15 man label, Shiverz and Subfiltronik have been major members of the label since its early days (Shiverz being one of the original 3 founders.) If heavy dubstep wobblers are your thing, then this show isn't one to miss out on. 

    Shiverz & Subfiltronik


    This weeks installation of Electronic Tuesdays is set to be a wild one with three of the biggest names in bass music: Bommer, Crowell and Subset.

    E Tues 

    Bommer, from Saint Louis, has been making waves in the heavy dubstep scene for a couple years now with tunes like his Stupid Fork VIP. He's collaborated with artists such as JPhelpz, Grizzstep and recent E-Tuesday headliner The Greys. Releasing tunes through an impressive list of labels including Octane Audio, Prime Audio and Bassclash recs, Bommer is no rookie in the dubstep world. 

    Cally Sumpter


           A quiet, dark silent street.  To stand there and just stop and listen, not Lodo, not the burbs, nor 25 years another time and place this was not a place many would even dare to go.  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom nor Five Points for that matter.  Rich in history from the beginning, to a dismal dark age and finally an enriched progressive rehabilitation in the making.  Ask any of the visiting residents whom paussant up and down the sidewalk, some more flauntant than others, the music is what has changed the neighborhood.  

    Cally Sumpter


    Trollphace: Grappling the Dub-Bridge

          Running a bit late, phone call, children, boxes, and bags into the truck and go! We made it to the venue and it was just the end of sound check. I have always loved seeing the very beginnings of a show. The lights are still on, moving in the thunder, plugging in the lightning and then for a second, theres this whir of noise, motion, maybe a few loudly voiced commands, flashing lights to swirling disco dots....then BOOM!!!

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