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    Amye Koziel

    It’s a very special Friday night in Denver: tonight, we celebrate eight years of Denver dubstep at the Sub.mission anniversary party. In honor of the occasion, we have a very special Freebie Friday tiune as well. New addition to the Sub.Agency roster AOWL and resident emcee X-TS teamed up for “8” to honor the tradition of “Moving people through sound, not hype”. Grab the free download exclusively from Sub.mission, then skank your way over to the Fusion Factory for a birthday party for the ages.

    Amye Koziel

    D-Jahsta’s signature style of aggressive dubstep has been capturing audiences worldwide for five years now. Hailing from Athens, Greece, the artists’ widespread success is indicative of dubstep’s international presence and the power of sound to traverse the globe. We asked the Sub.Agency artist some questions about his homeland, the music scene, and what he’d bring to a zombie apocalypse. Read on to get to know D-Jahsta!

    Amye Koziel

    California duo Subtle Mind are making waves in the dubstep world that are sure to catch your attention. If you haven't heard yet, this week's Freebie Friday features the perfect opportunity to find out. "Cold Snap" is smooth, jazzy, and deep. The immersive tune captures the soothing potential of the genre. Its dream-like quality is softly comforting - perhaps meditative. Grab your free download of "Cold Snap" exclusively from Sub.mission, and check out Subtle Mind's SoundCloud for more treats from the artists.




    Amye Koziel

    Denver artist Myxed Up has an impressive flair for deep, atmospheric dubstep. This week’s Freebie Friday download showcases the emerging producer’s shiver-inducing style. Featuring impeccably smooth sub-bass thick enough to swim through, “Control” is a hauntingly gorgeous nightmare theme. Fans of dubstep’s darkest shades, prepare yourselves: Myxed Up is a future staple of the style. Download “Control” exclusively from Sub.mission, and journey over to Myxed Up’s SoundCloud for an adventure through the artists’ spectrum of sounds.




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