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                This week is another big one featuring sounds from all over the world and we can’t wait to begin.  Join us as we welcome the best in bass music and always strive to push sound, not hype.

                Tuesday we begin the week with a huge Electronic Tuesday, this week we feature the sounds of Bukez Finezt and Kursk!  Bukez Finezt from Cologne is one of Germanys most active and versatile Dubstep producers. His journey into music began in the mid 90´s, to be precise he started producing in 1997. From Rap, Big Beat and Breakbeat into DNB toward 2000. 2006 was the year he started producing dubstep and in 2014 his tune “Under Controll” set a new bar for producers to reach in dubstep.


                The week begins and there are a handful of shows that are sure to make your week cruise by and your weekend rock!  Join us as we welcome the best talent the bass scene has to offer, this week has it all and we don’t want you to miss a moment of the action!

                This week at Electronic Tuesday we have the sound of none other than Stylus Beats!  Known for his sleeveless, whimsical synergy with the fans, Geoff “Stylust Beats” Reich has been creating his own counterculture since he was a teenager. A skate punk and hip-hop devotee, this groundbreaking DJ’s talent for fusing rap hooks and dubstep bass with multiple music genres has earned him the rep as a creative renegade carving his own path. Get there early and vote in our openers battle for Denver’s best new DJs!


    Next Saturday the 13th, the very first Colorado installment of Contact brings two of the biggest names in the scene to the Larimer Lounge in Denver. Usually sporting night-long lineups of Youngsta’s personal favorites, the Denver edition of Contact will feature long, intimate sets by Youngsta and Truth, with local Subliminal getting the party started. While the relative leniency of UK alcohol service laws may facilitate the marathon club nights that run well into the morning across the pond, our Rocky Mountain version offers a more personal experience. The intimacy of the Larimer Lounge, coupled with the additional freedom that exists with longer set times, should create a special experience for all those involved with the two heavyweights bringing their full arsenal of beats.


    Here at Chilled Audio there are two more fresh tunes being given out today! 

    The first upload is a collab from my friend Sledge.  He combines with unknown talent Mr.Gneu.  These guys are quickly picking up followers as their productions keep getting better and better.  Sledge is in the Akastuki Chop Crew and his tunes have always been beast.  So make sure to grab this collab from these dons. 

    The second upload is from Trump Dubz.  This kid is easily one of my favorite producers right now.  All his tunes are smashers.  He recently has collabed with Infekt and Nam7 so it is easy to see how big this kid is getting.  I hope that you all enjoy the uploads this week.  Stay tuned for more fresh exclusives from Sub.Mission and Chilled Audio.


       This week we start the end of 2014 by starting the last month of the year and believe us when we say December is going to be a blast and is sure to end the year correct with some amazing shows over the month.



    Sub.mission asked me to write up a few questions for The Others and of course I said yes!  On tour now with Caspa and Fresh off his My Style 004 mix this guy is always on the rise and strives to bring his audience a special experience every time.

     •           What aspect of this North American tour with Caspa have you been most excited about?

     I think just sharing the new music with the fans is always the most exciting thing. Also returning to places like Denver which is always guaranteed to be a great party, but then there’s a bunch of shows in places I’ve never been before too. It will be really interesting to see what happens.


    First off, happy Thanksgiving everyone.  We hope that you all had a good time at all the shows this past month.  There was a good variety of dubstep fo ya'll.  Today there are two more fresh tracks being given out on Chilled Audio.  The Djs: Myxed Up and Antman. 

    The track from Myxed Up is an excusive dubplate that my buddy Ryan from the Sub.Mission Street Team sent me.  This kid is the most underrated deep producer in the Denver area.  He has an EP forthcoming on Milc which is a label based out of California.  Make sure to cop this free download titled It was alive. 

    The second track uploaded today is a tune from unknown producer Antman.  This kid is based out of New York and is quickly picking pu lots of feedback.  His style of dubstep is riddim, and this tune goes in!  I hope you all enjoy these tracks.


                This week we bring November to a close and we also get to celebrate the holidays with bass!  Get ready for a huge week featuring some of the biggest names in the game, this will be one for the record books as we prepare for a handful of shows that are sure to give us all something to remember!


                I was recently asked to once again do a review for a new Mindstep EP, this time they featured the sounds of Trashbat.  I discovered Trashbat a while back and was instantly hooked to his personal sound of bass music that has been pushing boundaries since he first hit the scene!

                Out Today on Mindstep Music this release features 6 tracks from the badman and it definitely rings true to the sounds Mindstep is known for.  Hailing from Kent in the UK this producer has always taken the deeper route when creating his own style of dubstep and this release is nothing short of perfection!


                Another week is upon us and the Sub.mission crew has a couple of amazing shows in store for all you Denver bass heads and beyond!  Join us as we continue to welcome the best in bass to the Mile High City!

                Tuesday is a stacked Electronic Tuesday featuring the sounds of Lowr Levls as they takeover The Otherside!  These guys are excited to show Denver what they are made of, come out and get down to the sounds of Crowell, Benzmixer, Cubs, and Hoova!  This night will be jam packed with bass and make sure to come out early and vote in the openers battle that features the best that Denver has to offer in DJs!

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