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Sub.focus: Producer Spotlight with White Robot

    One of our more recent competitors, and winner of our last Electronic Tuesdays Winner's Showcase, White Robot, has been turning some heads lately with his unique original productions and exciting stage show. We our stoked to have him on board to play at Tunnidge and Kush Arora, bringing his live drum/DJ set to the stage for a new spin on heavy bass music. His own compositions hold true to a style that has set him apart, one that blends his DJ and electronic music knowledge with his extensive training behind the drum set as well as the engineering board. As you will see in the interview, the dude has got a lot going on and he has a long background creating music in one form or another, so we are excited to bring you a brand new FREE tune from him, titled "Bed Bunkers From World War III". This one has everything we love from White Robot, including experimental beats and live drumming mixed behind ratchety bass and swirling synth builds. Get the track on our Soundcloud page and make sure to spread the word if you are into his stuff. We had a few words with him to talk about the past, the present, and the future so peep the story below to get some inside information on one of our new favorite locals!!


    Where are you from?

    Boston, Massachusetts! 


    How long have you been making music?


    I’ve been making music for about fourteen years now. I started to play piano when I was in middle school (thanks mom), and I began playing drums about nine years ago. I’ve been DJing for the past three years, and I have been producing for about four months now.


    Musical background? Other instruments?

    My mom made me take piano lessons as a kid starting in middle school. I hated it initially, and told her I wanted to play music, but piano just wasn’t doing it for me. She told me after about my fifth year of taking lessons; I could finally take whatever instrument I wanted. Looking back on it, I was thankful for my introduction to music through piano because it covered so many basic bases for me musically, like keeping tempo, how to read music, etc.

    After I was given the option of what instrument I wanted to play, I had my heart set on playing the drums, and I’ve been playing ever since. I played with two friends from high school locally; we were called The Dancing Head Orchestra. We still play occasionally when I go home, but we were consistently playing for about six years, whenever we could get a gig together. It was a three-piece band, consisting of bass, guitar, and drums, and furthermore it was all instrumental improvisation.

    I began DJing about three years ago at friend’s house parties mostly in basements in Providence, RI. At the time DJing for me was accomplishing two things; I was able to bring loud bass music to my friends, and it was also an outlet for me when I was unable to jam with my band.

    More recently, DJing has lead to producing.  I finally realized it was time for me to start creating my own electronic music, as opposed to just mixing other peoples music. To say the least it’s been going great so far, I’ve released two EP’s in the past two months. Along with recent endeavors in producing, I’m currently in school studying drums at University of Colorado with a focus in audio engineering; things have been quite busy recently.


    Who are your local, as well as worldwide, influences when it comes to music?

    My musical influences are varied and come from all over the place. Some of my favorite acts include more traditional bands like Led Zeppelin, Phish, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, The String Cheese Incident, James Brown, Medeski Martin and Wood, and The Doors. On a more electronic note some of my favorite acts include EOTO, Lotus, Dadanmphreaknoizphunk (If you don’t know them check them out!), Eskmo, The Others, Kromestar, and Liquid Stranger. Along with all of these well known acts, there are too many other small acts that have moved me musically just as much as these big names, but there are simply too many to name. As a musician, I am influenced by anything that makes me think musically when I’m watching a performance, and in turn it gets my head to move. I’m personally a fan of anything that has a rhythm, since a lot of my musical passion stems from the concept of the rhythm. It’s safe for me to say whenever I listen to music, no matter what kind, the drums are the first thing I listen to, because in the end, the beat is what moves people. 

    What equipment/programs do you use?

    For my live DJ sets I use:


    -           Macbook

    -           Traktor duo

    -           Oxygen 25 (Midi controller)

    -           Numark DXM 06 Mixer

    -           8’ and 10’ Gretsch toms

    -           Cowbell

    -           8’ Splash Cymbal


    When Producing:

    -          Ableton suite 8

    -          Oxygen 25 (Midi controller)


    Any goals/plans/upcoming shows for the coming months/year? Album?


    I have so many things that I want to get done this year musically, ranging from various drum related goals to producing to DJing, it’s becoming a little bit of a challenge balancing it all.

    First off though, I’m pumped to join Tunnidge and Kush Arora on the main stage Feburary 25th! It’s an absolute honor to play with these guys. In the next month I’m going to be releasing a remix EP with four tracks featuring myself working with some of artists in collaboration, like Captain PlannedIT, Blueboy Productions, among others. To say the least, I’m very excited for that, I’m excited to collaborate with like-minded artists and learn more about producing electronic music. After that EP I’m going to start working on my first LP to be released either in the spring or the summer, so keep your ears out for that fire! At the moment I’m just trying to progress forward as an artist as much as possible by solidifying my sound, this is happening as I learn more about the software I am using and more importantly, about myself as a musician.


    Any other info you want us to know?

    I want to thank everyone for the support I have received musically throughout my career!! My friends are an incredible, positive, encouraging group of people that I owe the world to, because without them and their support, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. I have met so many incredible people along the way at shows, lessons, gatherings, you name it, the music community runs incredibly deep, and the people that are a part of it are so genuine. Thank you everybody!!! See you guys on the dance floor getting your robot funk on! 


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